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How can we help you at Brunswick Counselling Centre?

We at Brunswick Counselling Centre are committed to offering you a safe, confidential space, in which you can speak freely about problems that are affecting you.

If you are troubled or in crisis, we provide a non-judgemental space, based on respect and empathy for you as an individual, in which you can explore where you are in your life.

From our team of professionally qualified, experienced counsellors and psychotherapists, we will find the most suitable person to work with you, to make sense of your world and effect positive change, in the security of a confidential, caring therapeutic relationship.

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We understand that it can feel like a minefield trying to find the right therapist. That is why we are always happy to help you in your search. We are available to answer your questions, understand your needs and guide you towards finding the best person to help from our available team of therapists.

We then offer a free initial consultation so that you can meet with your chosen therapist before making a final decision to start working with them.

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